Shortfilm, 27min, 2019;;
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Karim, a German soldier, has to track down terrorists in a refugee camp. He is supposed to obtain confidential information from a contact person despite a curfew at night. On the streets of the small East German town he falls into the clutches of a self-appointed militia.


… being a stranger in one’s own country.
… Migration and Xenophobia in the East German Province.
… the confrontation of two realities in Germany as a country of immigration.

“A film that makes you think and discuss: exciting, deep and entertaining.“

Country: Germany, 2019
Duration: 27 min (27min 21sec)
Completion Dates: July 2019
Production Budget: 68 000 $ / 60 000 Euro
Genre: Drama
Theme: Migration, Xenophobia, Homeland
Release Print: DCP, ProRes, H264
Format: Cinemascope, 2.35:1
Size: 4k (4096 x 1716) or 2k (2048 x 858)
Original Language: german, arabic, russian, english 
Available Subtitles: English, German, Russian, French 
Shooting period: March 2018
Financing Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM), Sächsische Landesmedienanstalt (SLM)
Coproduced by Fernsehen in Mitteldeutschland GmbH
Distribution: Dino Weisz Filmproduktion

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